Following the brand promise of MAKROFLEX, we researched among professional craftsmen and DIYers to figure out how to significantly improve current PU foams on the market today. To achieve this, we completely changed the chemical structure to give our new foam significantly improved properties along all the relevant dimensions, resulting in the new MAKROFLEX Power foam that is:

  • stronger
  • better insulating
  • easier and safer to use


Even more, the newly developed MAKROFLEX Power foam is much less sensitive to environmental influences like humidity, temperature and application conditions (width of joints etc.). Also when the foam is used in multi-layers or in dry air no separate moisturizing is needed. This results in better mechanical and insulation properties due to a foam that keeps it’s ultra fine structure even under the most difficult conditions.

Furthermore, the new White Tech Technology fulfills strictest EU health and safety norms by containing approx. 99% less MDI than conventional PU foams – resulting in an ice-white color.